As a non-profit organization the Springfield Chamber Chorus relies on the generosity of our patrons and audiences as well as grant funding. The Springfield Chamber is a 100% volunteer organization as no singer, director, or board members receives a stipend or salary. In addition to covering our annual operating expenses of approximately $6,000 we are also expanding our impact on the community by sponsoring the newly formed Springfield Street Choir as well our dream of establishing an SCC Scholarship Program to assist aspiring high school and college singers.

To make these “dreams” a reality we need your support and help! Please consider being an SCC Donor for the 2019-2020 season.

All SCC Donors will be recognized on our website, social media posts, and printed concert programs. SCC Donor levels are as follows:
GOLD LEVEL: $250 (receives 2 complimentary tickets to each concert)
PLATINUM LEVEL: $500 (receives 4 complimentary tickets to each concert)
DIAMOND LEVEL: $1,000 (receives 8 complimentary tickets to each concert and a private holiday performance by a small ensemble of SCC Singers)

Download a paper copy if you prefer to make an in person donation as well.

To mail your contribution, please make your check out to ‘Springfield Chamber Chorus’ and place in the mail:
Springfield Chamber Chorus
3815 W Jordan Street
Springfield, MO 65802