Springfield Chamber Chorus is participating in the Gannett Foundation’s A Community Thrives fundraising and granting program from now until August 13th, which pairs a community crowdfunding campaign with local and national grants from the Gannett Foundation and their local newspapers. To be eligible for the substantial grant for which we have applied, which will create professional recordings of our Forgotten Voices song cycle, Street Choir in performance, and our Springfield Christmas TV specials, Springfield Chamber Chorus/Springfield Street Choir must raise $3000 through the MightyCause platform in that time frame. We are also eligible for potential bonus grants for having a large number of unique donors, so even if only a few dollars are in your budget, we would be truly grateful for a donation of any size. 
We believe in the transformative power of choral music while also being fully aware that the traditional concert audience for such music is a small group of affluent white people sitting in a resonant church. This project is about expanding our reach within intersecting communities of our local Springfield/Ozarks region, the choral community, and the larger community of music lovers everywhere by creating beautiful, high-quality recordings of our work this season. Our goal is to use these productions to break down barriers and make this art form to people throughout the community via digital streaming and television broadcast. 

The performances we intend to film are about creating opportunities for connection and inclusion, with an emphasis on amplifying the voices of people at the margins.  We also aim to record and release streaming video of the Street Choir in performance, because seeing homeless people (who are so frequently dehumanized) engage in the profoundly-human practice of singing has the potential to change hearts and minds around this issue, and in turn change policy and real outcomes. 

Finally, we will be recording our 2nd annual “A Springfield Christmas” special, which will be broadcast on television during the holidays, and feature performances by the Chamber Chorus, the Street Choir, and 8+ area high schools and colleges. This is a powerful way to bring people together with music, and to put choral music directly in the homes of people across our region.

We appreciate your support in any amount!