Help SCC Raise Money!

Please consider donating to the Springfield Chamber Chorus. Your contribution will help us achieve our dreams. Please see below for how your funding will grow our organization.


  • Inaugural year for Springfield Street Choir 2019/2020 season – A choir for the homeless and under privileged in our area “Because everyone deserves a chance to sing”.
  • Supporting emerging talent by commissioning new choral works from local and area composers.
  • Establishment of the Springfield Chamber Chorus Scholarship Fund to provide financial support for high school seniors and current college students who are pursuing a degree in music education or performance.


SCC provides an opportunity for locals from all age groups, walks of life and educational background to develop and enhance their love and talent for choral artistry through offering a place outside of education and religious avenues for musicianship. Music, in and of itself, provides an environment that fosters a sense of community from those who would not otherwise connect. Making music enables us to connect with our audience on a deep level while conveying messages, through spoken word, would not be heard.


SCC takes deep pride in connecting with their local and distant audiences through music making. Audience members have the opportunity to hear sacred and secular choral works from composers who have created strong traditions in choral music across the world to our local and emerging artists here in Springfield, Missouri. By programming varied themes and messages within each concert through music, we work to give our audience members a connection to music, its ability to speak to us and the way it can bridge gaps that are normally unable to be crossed.


  • Connecting Grounds
  • Springfield Street Choir
  • Council of Churches
  • First Friday Art Walk
  • Kickapoo High School Choirs
  • Evangel University Chorale
  • OTC Choirs
  • Reed Academy Choirs

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