What’s in a Name?

We are excited to announce our new concert series this year is called “What’s in a Name”.

The first concert of the series was in October and highlighted the name Jacob. Here are a few inspirations behind our repertoire:

The first, Jacobus Barbireau, was a Franco-Flemish Renaissance composer and choir master from Antwerp.  Most of his music was destroyed by religious fanatics as a part of an attack on the library of the Cathedral of Antwerp in 1556, but the music that remains still places Barbireau among such great contemporaries as Obrecht.  We will be singing the “Kyrie” from his Missa virgo parens Christi.  The counterpoint is incredible, and the opportunity to showcase individual line and phrase is evident throughout.  

The second is Jacobus (Handl) Gallus. Gallus was a late-Renaissance composer from Slovenia.  He lived and worked throughout Slovenia and Bohemia, and spent the later part of his life playing the organ and composing in Prague.  His compositional style was unique as it combined the Franco-Flemish style of imitative polyphony with the poly-chordal style of the Venetian school.  He is also credited with foreshadowing the break-up of modality alongside guys like Gesualdo.  We will be singing “Omnes de Saba venient“.  This is a great example of the mashup of styles.  It begins in a very chordal fashion, then giving way to polyphonic imitation. 

Stay tuned for more information about upcoming performances!

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